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so Played some games today.

Just killzone and Rockband

Well I did go out and get the new Dynasty warriors game. Used a gift card that was under my desk for 3 years. and the card had 40$ on it! so I only had to pay for shipping.

Anyways the game is very strange when you play it first since it is so different from DW:E5 but after a while I found my self quite addicted to it.

OK super tired so I'll be going.

by pufferfiz | 2009-06-27 15:35



Well had a game filled day today.

Got some rock band killzone shit was awesome.
and I was pretty good at killzone even though I have not played in about a month I was able to get a good score.

And I did Download the Warped Tour tracks, They are sick. Need to learn them all play them on expert. Speaking of Warped Tour I bought my ticket this morning so that is all set.

I really want to play a Dynasty warriors game. A non gundam one. So I think I am going to go pick up the new one tomorrow. It is only 40$ and the games are fun so I always get my moneys worth.

OK well I am supper tired from last night so I am going to head off.

by pufferfiz | 2009-06-26 15:02


wow what a day.

OK well got some bad news.
Called the guy about my ps3 and he said that my RSX chip (the graphics prosessor) was fried and unable to repair it( well I guess I could replace the chip, but I am sure that is more money than it is really worth).

So after getting off the phone I dropped 2380947289374 F-bombs cuse all my save data was gone...

then I said fuck it and went out and spent my graduation money, the same money I should use for college, to buy a new ps3...


But I was able to find a deal at target that if you get the ps3 greatest hits bundle you get one more controller for free. SWEET. the problem everyone knew it was a good deal so there were all sold out! Luckily I asked the guy about it and he said they had some more in tempe... So I drove 20 mins down to Tempe to get a new ps3. But before I came home I stopped by at the store to buy some motherfucking Mt. Dew Gamefuel! SHIT is fucking tight!

Got home and set it up and I have been playing Rock BAnd with my family for the past 5 hours. So happy I can play. Not so Happy that I just spent 450$ :/
But at least I do get a refund on the broken one (about 70$) and I can sell the 2 games that came with it for maybe 60$ so I'll get some back. And even more if I sell the Broken one. But I might just keep it.

Anyways That is going to occupy my summer very nicely. And I can't wait for tomorrow when the Warped Tour Pack 1 comes out for rockband. Has a great list of songs so that is a must buy.

shit I need a job..

by pufferfiz | 2009-06-25 17:35



um what did I do today?

aahh nothing.

Just some Call of Duty and Modeling.

I have decided to go to Warp Tour this year. So I'll buy my ticket tomorrow.

Some sick bands are playing.

Alright well hopefully my ps3 comes in tomorrow.

by pufferfiz | 2009-06-22 13:57



sooo bored!

still no ps3 :/

Kinda getting worried. If by the end of monday I do not have it I will email the guy.
Shit I better not be getting screwed over.
I'll be so pissed.

Anyways just worked on my model and played some cod4.

that about it.

Ug need some something exciting!

by pufferfiz | 2009-06-21 14:01


Man still been soooo tired.

went to bed at 950 last night. What the hell?
It is ok I made up for it since It is 1140 right now.

Ps3 still has not come in yet. Getting me kinda worried. Well I am not that worried more impatient. I'll be worried when It is mon afternoon and it still has not showed up yet.

Man been SOSOOO lazy these days.
letting time just fly...



by pufferfiz | 2009-06-19 15:42



um yeah again boring day..

worked on my model.
Played some COD4

that about it.
Still tired for some reason.

what ever. Gona hit the hay.

Oh it was my brother birthday today and he go 3 green spotted PufferFish! So cool. I have only ever had one in at a time but now there is a pack.

by pufferfiz | 2009-06-16 14:14



Well was up at grandmom's for the weekend.

really nice up there. But I did not write since I got really tired up there and even now I am really tired even though it is not late.

Well Gona sleep in. Hopefully I feel better.

by pufferfiz | 2009-06-15 14:14




well Spent most of the day watching the EPIC 19th season of Law&order, must of watched 5 episodes today.
Man the writing and the drama is sooo good.

Also worked on the sculpt while watching this.

Rented Raiden fighters, is actually quite fun.

OK well going to go up to grandma's tomorrow. Gona be ok, I guess it is just good to get out of the house.

by pufferfiz | 2009-06-12 14:08



wow LAZY day.

well Since I didn't have any driving to do I stayed home, Played some games watched some Cartoons.

Worked on my figure kit some.
Still working on fixing the sculpt.
Man it is going to suck to re make all these molds. :/

Well it is my fault for trying to rush in and make the molds before I had finished perfecting the sculpt.


OK well I need some sleep.

by pufferfiz | 2009-06-11 15:55