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i cant write cuse my keyboard is done for and im only writing this ccuse im using windows on screen key board

illl write on the lap top if i have too

by pufferfiz | 2008-09-29 14:10



so yesterday i spent all day writing.
well i lie, i get destracted very easaly so i was not writing the whole time.
and i didnt even go to bed tell 530 in the morning!


that i fucked up and wrote the whole thing one page short.


um today i got home and downloaded WipEout and Mega Man.

shit there both so good!
gona keep me busy tell i get some retail games.

i got back from going to school play.
haha it was really funny!

ok well i need to go to bed

by pufferfiz | 2008-09-26 15:47



yea what ever
standard day.

ummm came home played some burnout and cod
models like for 5 mins max, so nothing there

so yea well nothing really to say

by pufferfiz | 2008-09-24 16:18



well nothing special as usual.



came home and worked on my sculpt i recasted the front hair again since i was tired to filling in air bubbles.
this time there were few so that was good.
so i puttyed that up so ill work on that tomorrow.

played some cod 4 and burn out.

for burnout im 1 challenge again from getting all the challenges!
but this last one is going to drive me nuts!

got some good stuff coming out this week.
i dont know what to buy
wait i have no money..

... orz

by pufferfiz | 2008-09-23 16:09



so i got up and realized it was a such a beautiful day!
so i went for a run.

than i just played video games.
then around 2 i went to go take my senior yearbook photo.
finally got that out of the way.

came home and worked on my model.
had to cut out MORE air bubbles.

rr pain in the ass since there are so many!

then i went to see my schools HOCKEY team
yes my school has one.
well its more of a club team
but still

i got lost. the exit i had to take to get off the highway was not marked very well so i totally pasted it.

spent like 20 more mins trying to get back.

i arrived so thats good.
fun to see my friends play.
but we lost 002.gif
1 to 5

the rest was playing spore.

i just spent 3 hours playing this thing!


well now i REALLY need to get off

by pufferfiz | 2008-09-21 17:21



well the highlight of my day was coming home and enjoying the Bike pack for Burnout paradise.

yea its fun. but not really doing much bike stuff.
iv been going back and getting some of the challenges in hopes that the trophies will come out soon.

modeled some, took my sculpt and filled in more holes and tomorrow im going to sand it all down again and hopefully it will be good.

one of my favorite show's premier was tonight.
damn it was funny! love that shit!

ug tired and SHIT i forgot some homework!

by pufferfiz | 2008-09-19 17:09



so day started off with a bummer!

forgot to write a paragraph for my paper! minus 25 points! 007.gif

but i got a math quiz back and i got a A on it so thats good. and i have a test tomorrow that i feel im ready for.

tried to play socom but it kept freezing on my so i quite after a while.

went back to play COD some, had a good time since 2X exp was still on!

painted some too

dad came home with this

i guess he over heard my brother and sis saying how much they wanted it.

anyways i played some of it and i enjoyed it. i dont know how much im going to play after i hit the space stage but we will see.

ok well thats all for me

by pufferfiz | 2008-09-16 15:54



woke up kinda late

still went to church,and that was fun.

then played video game and modeled all day.

some cod4 and some socom.

and i worked on my sculpture

o and i also painted some, for i realized i need to have that finished by tues.


by pufferfiz | 2008-09-15 15:43



well yea today i took another ACT test


i love taking a 4 hour test.
so fun.

i think i did worse! ah thats not good

o and i also met joseph in the bathroom.

i knew he was taking it to but i didnt think at the same place and would be in the bathroom at the same time.

well after that finda just hung out like usual.

mom had another family over for dinner so they talked and their kids played with my brothers and so on.

it was fine kinda just drove out the noise.

during though i played some cod4 and kicked ass!
well not really but it was 2x EXP weekend!
so i leveled up to the next prestige ( lvl55 -> lvl1).

hopefully ill play tomorrow so i can get farther cuse i wont be going back and playing cod much any more

ok well im off

by pufferfiz | 2008-09-14 16:58



well again not much to report.

have yet to do something really worthwhile.
something funny today was that my math teacher locked my and a few friends out of her class since we left for a fire drill and i guess we were not suppose to leave.

yea anyways.

did some modeling , worked on the shoulders some so ill sand them and stuff tomorrow.

never really got to play much games, kinda sad!

ha well yea ok well its late and i should have gone to bed a long time ago!

by pufferfiz | 2008-09-11 16:45