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well today was the movie day.

BUT before we went to the movies we HAD to go fishing011.gif

we caught 5 of the Pike fish. they put up a fight047.gif
but the buggers got the hook deep in them.
so i got kinda frustrated cuse i see a hook in the guys nose and i got to get it out and there is blood dripping out...
so i let grandma unhook the last 3.

then we tied up and went and saw Wall-e
wow that was a really good movie001.gif
a exalint example of Pixar and their imagination.
requment it!

ok well tomorrow we will be leaving back home007.gif
but its for the best.
BUT we wont be back for another year!
but we had fun and that is what is important.


by pufferfiz | 2008-06-30 13:53



well another fun day.

well really the high light of today was watching my dad water ski!

he actually did pretty good!

now before that we went out to buy some stawberries from a local farm
unfortunaly she would not let us pick them our selfs but we bought a flat of them.

well tomorrow is the last day!

we acutally might go see Wall-e tomorrow instred of taking the boat out.
or maybe both.

im not sure
but i am tired so there you go

by pufferfiz | 2008-06-29 15:29



well today was great!
i guess...

no it was full of fun things

first we went back out on gramps boat and we hooked on this tube thing that is connected by rope to the back.
and it gets tugged along.

that was fun. its kinda nerve racking when you get to high speeds and the thing bounce up and down.026.gif

got my shorts wet though so i went through out the day with a wet bottom.028.gif

had lunch

then we hung around for a few hours. later we went out fishing .
i caught something!
it was a Pike.
i think that is how you spell it i dont know but it was long and ugly.

but i caught him pretty bad and he was dripping blood!
gross 021.gif

but grandpa the expect was able to get the hook out and let him go.

grandma got one too. she didnt even know it!005.gif

then we drove the boat back in and had dinner.

then more hanging.
but that was it the day

im going to get to bed earlier than i did yesterday so

by pufferfiz | 2008-06-28 13:59




family drove up to grandparrents house!

having a good time there so far.
got there late so the only fun thing we got to do was go out on there boat for 10 mins

then you know dinner/dessert

fun stuff

o yea before we went here we stoped by at this ice cream place we always go to.

i just had a malt.
i wanted my first dairy ( from a few days ago) to be lite.

and my grandpa really set me up with my own room.
he is really nice and thoughtfull!
ok well ima go

by pufferfiz | 2008-06-27 15:02



well i didnt write yesterday because i threw up 020.gif

yea i dont really know why though.
first time i threw up since 7th grade! 005.gif

and today i stayed home while everyone else when to the theme park 007.gif

i really like that place!
but it would not have been good and i would have puked again if i did go.

uumm yea thats really it.
stayed home doesed off every now and then.
but im feeling better so that is what counts.
but i still have a hard time looking at food.

ok well i will go

by pufferfiz | 2008-06-26 13:30



wel today was boring 002.gif

why? cuse i was in the car for 7 hours 033.gif

yea had to drive from ohio to mich and it took us that long

and my psp died half way through so that was no use.

ugg well at least were here now!
ok well ima go

by pufferfiz | 2008-06-24 15:02



well today was the big day!

the funeral!
well it was a good turn out i think many people showed up.

but it was sure said wow,
and it was military funeral
so they had the people shoot the guns and play "taps"
and i was almost going to cry.

its like never really a big deal in movies and such but it person it is hard.

then after that we went over to see where they were gona place the ashes, next to his mom and dad too.

and then we were off to the memorial lunch.
the food was good , better have been, and every one enjoyed them selfs.
all talking about their memories with grandpa

and i even heard at the other table these serniors talking about how when they were young would get all drunk and stuff.
hahah they have great stories underneath them!

ok well tomorrow we will be dropping my sis , dad, and grandma off at the air port to go back home while we go up to Michigan.

and we really have nothing to do tomorrow so i dont know.

ok well ill be off

by pufferfiz | 2008-06-23 14:18



ug jet lag to the extreme!

I dont CARE if its only was a 3 hour difference, IM TIRED!

ugg to it was Phoenix->Chicago->Cleveland
then to the town.

ug then today was just hanging
well there was stuff to do, like prepping the room were using for the memorial


well the service will be over tomorrow than then mon ill be going to Michigan. to visit more family.005.gif

ok well ima go

by pufferfiz | 2008-06-22 13:32



well yesterday night internet died so i did write
but nothing really to write about.
still leaving tomorrow
that about it!

so yea 2pm gona fly off. to chicago then to ohio021.gif.

man i barly rember yesterday
oops now i do 037.gif
i remember that it consisted of a lot of driving.
drove down to mesa AGAIN
then drove sis to karate there and back.

well today was idk nothing.
i mean i did things that needed to be done but its the day before you leave. nothing much gets accomplished.

grandma is over , she is also going up.
well DUH that was her husband that died.

um yea played some games huh, well thats not important.

well idk nothing much TO do or SAY

yea tired going

by pufferfiz | 2008-06-20 14:36



welltoday was idk better than yesterday!

well started with some COD4

then worked on grampa's memorial slideshow.
i actualy cryied! seeing the pictures through out his life.

then i watched some tv!003.gif

then i did some yard work and got blisters on my thumbs
damn shovel

then more cod4
then dropped off sis, then picked her up.

then i drew

then i played COD4 and went like gosh i cant remember .
one was 12-1 , and then another one was 7-1 , and there was another one i cant remember.

but i learned to LOVE the RPG!


its really cheap 011.gif

haha im using smiles

ok well ima go

by pufferfiz | 2008-06-18 15:07