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yea i just have been having bad days and i didnt feel like writing..

well im working on my models a lil and playing COD4 a lil.

um yea.

fucking los these little parts for my Aaliyah . fuck so now im not really sure what im going to do. and like idk i just had it in my hand then it fell out. and then i lost 2 more!

sigh well

im getting up early so

by pufferfiz | 2007-11-30 14:52



yea did nothing buy COD today
got to lvl 44 close to 45 but stoped just i got tired of playing.

didnt model.

only other thing was a drew a rose in PS. its for art.


life and the thoughts around it. are killing me.
how can i preach about being strong when im such a fucking weaklen


by pufferfiz | 2007-11-27 14:15



um man today was boring
did barlyany modeling.
played cod all only too


aw well i got time.

but yea idk time flew today.

sigh ok ima go
ha wake up early

by pufferfiz | 2007-11-26 13:29




ok well first i woke up and mom said ok well your going with dad to his golf lesson.
um ok
i mean im not really complaining, i could DEFFENTLY could improve on my swing.
and the lady he is with is a pro.
so got in the car went to Tempe ( like 30 mins away)
i learned a lot from her, and since it was one on one ( well now 2 cuse i was there) she really studied how you hit.

anyways on the way back we stoped at gamestop becuase we were going to get my bother a game i know he wanted.
but her ended up leaving 300$ out of our pockets.
yea dad was like hey lets look at that new psp.
um ok but i dont think we should buy it , i said.
o i know im just going to look he said.
o this is cool ima buy it for him he said.
wa ug hold ug ack!
to late....
and you need a very good argument to make him not buy somehting.
then we also got mario galaxy too.

then later i went and got my hair cut. nothing really. just had it cut shorter.

came home.
found that my screws and tube pieces came in the mail.
there just little parts you use to upgrade the detail on your kit.
so iv been brainstorming how im going to put them on.
kinda have the sd figured out and a few parts on the serpent too.

so yea i jsut did some parts and then playied COD.


ok well damn last day of vacation tomorrow!

by pufferfiz | 2007-11-25 15:09

Rayleonard 03-Aaliyah WIP11

ok well i finished up the chest
unforntunaly i lost the part that is the booster for the overdrive.
it might turn up.
if not i have a funny idea to "replace" it so to speak :P
aswell i got the head and the side skirts done. as well as the crotch.
so i will be moving on to the arms and the uper legs. and that one leg i havnt done yet >.>;
hear you go!

by pufferfiz | 2007-11-25 07:03 | Gundam Model



um well today i just did some video games and modeling.

got a few pieces done

iv been experimenting with the superglue baby poweder technique.
therory is that its stronger and dries faster.
well it does dry faster, just sprinkle some on and its hard. but i would let it set for a lil while before i start cutting it.

then i worked on the crotch area some more. finished that so its off to top legs and arms! then done and i can start painting! yea!

ok well since i was unable to post it yesterday.
here was are thankgiving feast!

mm it was good! today normal dinner is never like that.
well if cant be it this took hours making :P

but like ever year we had to spoile are cat!

mm he loves it.
and most likly be the death of him!

wa meat cant hurt him. he is a meateater!

ok well im going

by pufferfiz | 2007-11-24 15:22



happy thanksgiving Americans!
lol wwww

man the dinner/lunch was WORTH it .
well it always is.

mmm stuffing
mmmm cranberry sauce!

damn i had a picture but its so late done feel like photoshop ( even though i have got it down where i can resize a image then save then close in seconds!)

well then i modeled and stuff.
relised i lost a piece on my Aaliyah.

but then i fdound the handle piece iv been missing for the serpent!
so maybe it will show up.
if not i have a great idea to put humor into this!

ok well ima go to bed
... game revies eat my life!

by pufferfiz | 2007-11-23 15:22



so yea idk i did some modeling. gona prime the core tomorrow.

idk... today..
there are to many wrongs in this world
to many people to hate.
to many people to look down apon in shame.
we need some change

fuck like that will ever happen.
no one listens to me when i try.

this vid will make you feel better


ok well a feast waits for me tomorrow. and so does work.

by pufferfiz | 2007-11-22 08:55

BB SouSou WIP1


so yea i got this yesterday.
snaped it up and im thinking how i can make this better.

diffentently some putty work. maybe ill get a better idea later.
but i dont really plan on working on this a whole lot.
need to finish those 2 other kits first.

well it came in nice box. and a cool comic.
but theres no big picture of what it would look like if painted.
so ill have to get that off the internet.
here yea go!


by pufferfiz | 2007-11-21 08:20 | Gundam Model

Serpent Custom WIP8

hey so i did some work.

just been doing work and work.
but only these photos today
so here is a partialy assembled kit on my new actionbases.
unfortunaly the thing it came with didnt work with my model.
so i had to think how i was going to get in on.
then i figured it out. the peg atachment. a polycap will fit on it.
ok i got that . but how am i going to get the polycap on the kit.
then i did it. i cut out a hole one the crotch. put some putty in there and put in the polycap. so i got that. then i drilled the right hole into the brown crotch armour. now it can sit on the actionbase!

ok well here yea go!

by pufferfiz | 2007-11-21 08:11 | Gundam Model