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ok i dont want to write .
i just not in a happy mood....

no i didnt finsihed

i went to go see Ratatoille , it was really good, cg was so good.
makes the rats really furry.


ok im going to mexico , probly die so some viruse
im so opptomistic
well i won tbe seeing you for a week.
but i forgot

good bye..
by pufferfiz | 2007-06-30 15:17


hey hey
look what i got!:

hahah its so big
hahah so cool!

look i made this in like 10 mins !

i thoguht of it cuse i watched this movie called The Fountain
wow its really good.
it is about like you can live you life after you relise death .
somehting like that
anyway it was really good .

ok i finsihed 2 of the arms and the body and one of the leg is primed .
i really want to finshed
please wish me luck
ok i want to go to bed early kinda today .
so see you

by pufferfiz | 2007-06-29 09:29


waa ok i didnt get the pics

i will tomorrow so here is some placement space:
okok here are all the pieces:

i starting painting
looking good i think.
only have a few pices

i got my hair cut , looks good , kinda , idk you know after you get your hiar cut you think your diffrent.
so its strange

ok well idk what to say and im really tired!
its 130

by PufferFiz | 2007-06-28 17:26


urg i dont feel like writing.
iv stayed up cuse these documenturies were really intresting !

now its 12 >______>;

all parts done
and i dont want to run downstairs to show you , maybe tomorrow >.>;
i built a spary both , its cool it is a air filter in the back of a box that i made.
the theory is that the air will go throuhg and the particlas will saty on the filter . so the air does not back draft into my face while im working.

hope it works.

got some magnents too , and i puttyied them in place , there work good too.
now all i need is a metal base >.>;
well all the parts are washed/ in the fluid so i will be priming tomorrow and hopefull yon the black some what too.
i know i can make it!

ok so tired..

by pufferfiz | 2007-06-27 16:19


well today was idk not that great.

day started bad , had to go to doctors , said i needed another HEP A shot , i said no , but he siad yea yea youll be fine , so the shots came and while everyone one else was getting theres i walked out of the room and then out side and sat at a bench and read.

why is this my phobia ? WHY AM I FREAKING OUT , Icould die when i go to mexico cuse i didnt get this .
i should care.
but my fear is overpowering me .
why cant sciencests figure away to get thsi vacine in me with out needles?!


then it got good cuse i got the tablet form ebay ( saves like 60$ so yea ) , i do hope it comes in by fri .

and i went to the custom frame shop tha tmy dad uses to to make frames for his painings he collects. and i brought one of myn cuse my mom wanted to see if they had any prebuilt frames at that size. well he didnt. but he had two that were close and he gave them to me for free. OMG like 200$ for free , there really nice too.

then i re pieced together the rick with glue and putty , have one leg to finish and put the mags in the feet , then i can start priming , and hopefully finsihed just in time.

ok well im tired..

by pufferfiz | 2007-06-26 14:37



i finished the prebuild for the rick.
yuea thats what i did today.
well i swam.
played games.
rented armored core 4 so fun fun.

ok well i now have 5 days to finish this , i think one dayfor the prep work , the 2 days for the painting , and i htink i may relaly make this!

and i think ima get that tablet soon , dad wants to see if he can get it on ebay , cuse its liek 100$ less on ther , but i werry cuse though it does say its has a warrenty , idk what to trust . might as well buy it at the store >.>;
then again tax is there.
well idk figure it out later.

okj well ima go to bed a little early today , i wish is was more cuse my throat hursts like a bitch.

by pufferfiz | 2007-06-25 14:51


ok ima writ ethis before i pas out its liek 1 here.


ok well went to mall , it was fun and we kept are entertainment high off of Zoe's stupidity , hahah jk she is just .. slow some times lol, you knwo how it is.

went to frys electronics and looked at tablets , i really have my heart set on the 9X12 looks really cool , and dad said it would be a good investment.

now all i need it 3d studio max.
its avalible to pirate but its worth 4k! , the most expencive thing i would get. so that is why im really nervas cuse i dont want to be sued.. i would buy it if i was pro , but im not im a kid thats tring to be a student . i dont have that kind of money .. well i firtst need to get rid of atleast 10gb of this comp or it will never run . or maby buy a new HD .
finished his foot cuse i found that part. that was the only thing io did today on the model , and i know have 1 week to finish! rr WORK WROK WORK.

ok im going now ..

by pufferfiz | 2007-06-24 16:55


the camp is over. =[
it was fun and i enjoyed it very much.
though i feel i should have said goodbye to people , idk since i didnt know any one there i was in my own world , thoguh i did say a few things to some peopel , idk i think aobut it and maybe i should have said goodbye.....

well i got some modeling in , hip and the left leg almost done , i have to put ona few swivily armors , and i cant find a sprue , im fucked! noo o
well ill look for it later

goign to the mall tomorrow with the anime club , idk i guess it will be fun , i dont really liek the mall that much but frankly i dont want to skip a chance to hang out with anyone.

ok well ill see you tomorrow

by pufferfiz | 2007-06-23 15:27


ug im so tired .

its 1130

i think ima really buy a tablet soon , i like love them now , but its a really good investment because i will use it for a verylong time , maby up to after graduation( college) !

did some modeling , not as much as i would like , i need to take a pic!.
well cuse dads friends came over and they had a son ( idk the age maby 17 18 ) so we played my ps3 , well i did he watched and talked abou tit , but i asked him if he wanted to play and he said no so o well . we had a 51$ roast , wow it was good , but i feel liek iv eat to much today so i only had one piece ( its a big piece ).

tomorrow is the last day , aww it was so fun , boring some times but fun!
i got all my stuff on a cd so i wont miss out.
it was cool i learnd how to make Unreal Maps , ahahah omg ima have so much fun!

ha... ok well ima go

by pufferfiz | 2007-06-22 15:27




well today i went back and made my singer guy have finger , then i animated those to match. had work. then i made 2 more loop animations.
i used a tablet today for the first time and i must have one , like NOW.
ima sell some kits or somethign lol . .. i need one....

and i drawed anime for the first time in id say 2 years , rough , but i want to have all these artistic talents i had and the motivation i had , i lost it and i want to find it .

modeled some , did the other backpack part and a shoulder ... wow i did jack... fuck im not going to finish in time , rrrr! i need to put all my effort into it tomorrow its a must!

ok well; ima see if i can sell before 12 and i fucked it up its 1145 now. rrr

by pufferfiz | 2007-06-21 15:42