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Serpent Custom HG WIP3

ok well i went to the store and got some styrene sheets.
so i started to cut!

lol botched this one >.>;

then added the styrene

got some panel type styrene too to replace the vents.

then i moved on to the gun.
wow this is harder than i thought , takes so much to cut , and i offten slip and cut stuff i dont want too.

then added the styrene

more to come tomorrow , by then i wont have these bags under my eyes and ill be able to concentrate.
by pufferfiz | 2007-08-28 11:37 | Gundam Model

Rayleonard 03-Aaliyah WIP2

ok did just a few things today.
im messing with my camera some , and well im getted better pictures with the "close up " setting then manual >.>;

well there are so many parts!
not following the order of the instructions i started on the body first.
so here are the first few parts :


now the second part of the body:


there are more parts to the body but ill do that tomorrow.
by pufferfiz | 2007-08-28 11:31 | Gundam Model

Serpent Custom HG WIP2

ok finished prebuilding
i marked the kit with a marker.
you most likly will not tell what they say but here is what they are:
CS, cut out then use styrene
PS, pull back then styrene
A, add detail
L, Lengthen
RE, replace

ok so here is the build up
just goes in order of compleation:





by pufferfiz | 2007-08-26 03:29 | Gundam Model

Rayleonard 03-Aaliyah WIP1

ok got this kit a week ago but didnt post anything about it .
for the looks of it this is going to be a really cool kit .
i really like how the mecha looks and all the pieces looks like they got really good detail.
all the points are sharp , which is nice , so you dont have to putty them and then sand.
im not sure what mods i am going to do becuase i like this kit so much there might not be anythiing i want to make. but well will see wonce i start to prebuild it.

ok so here are the box shots:


cool art , from the game that is the OPsceen

parts pics:



well thats it , the only work i have done is made one leg shield :P
ill work on it this week end.
and i dont plane on making this a full WIP , just a few photos.
by pufferfiz | 2007-08-25 13:24 | Gundam Model

Sperpent Custom HG WIP1

ok so JUST got this in today.
this is my entry for Hobbyfanatics gundam wing group build.
so im going to do some modification to it , but i dont know where ! so im pre buildinging it with out sanding. so just cut from sprue and cut the flash. and i will be marking the kit up with a Mark it Marker to see what im going to do so i dont forget.

ok so here is the box shot:

i like the image onthe box i might do some mods off that.

parts pic:

ok this is really cool! ok instead of a sticker for a eye , it game me a jewle!
its like one prepy girls put on there phone!

ok so i got started , i decided to start on the toreso, and this thing has some big ass guns:

then did the back back:

ok so i might work on it some more tonight , but ill probly mark it up with some marking.
by pufferfiz | 2007-08-25 13:03 | Gundam Model

Rick Dias "Black Comet" Quatro Ver

well its done . there were some misshapps but.. well this kit was the best to get through ( as in stuff didnt go wrong at the last min). well i picked out the kit , and i think the model looks really cool . i went with the Quatro version because i wanted the upgraded parts , though i had no intention on painting it red. for the paint i thought it would be cool to do black with a comet like blue shading and digi camo to top it off. well im really glad because im very prode of this kit , even though my airbrush doesnt really doe shading all that well im very pleased with the results. i also desided to paint the trusters magnesium , wow GET MOVE! really it looks soooo f... good.( there are trusters on the bottom of its feet skirt but you cant see those :< ) . i went bold and did something i dont think anyone has done. i put magnets in his feet. ok not strong magents ! strong yes but not like those super magnets and can never be prided off . the reson was that i was going to give this kit to my little borther as a gift , he really like gundams too , and so i but them in so that stay in a position no matter what ( the kit is to much weight for it to stick upsidedown though ). its not a play toy no , but he is goning to like it . i still do need to go to homedepo to get a slab of metal that will be the final touch but that is not important for you guys only for him. well i erally hope you enjoy looking at this because i spent a lot of time on this , though i would really like to hear your comments.







by pufferfiz | 2007-08-01 11:35 | Gundam Model

MG Zeta Plus C1

OK this is Finaly done!
i think it looks so cool.
i found out that i had trubles with my AB , well it wasnt my brush it was the compressor , it made my ab only do that spitty thing, but i figured out that i didnt have the pressure valuve closed all the way, i left it open a little cuse the instructions said thats what you do when you first start it up , but it didnt sayanything after that. but i fixed it and now it sparys very clean , not GREAT for detailing but i think it still does the job.
as you can tell i spent awile on the shading , i really like it.
and i really like this model! though sh.. crap kept on not saying in place ( un gluable places). so it took me like 20 mins JUSt putting it into waverider mode, and im gona keep it there cuse im not toching it , really its still on the floor ( where i was taking the pics ) I really wanted to do some drybrushing but i dont have any matalic paint ... but ill get some this week or so ( when ever im ready with the models i got) but i wont retake the pics so youll have to improvise . And i had to adjust the color so it would look gray, but idk what it turn out to. well i dont think anything more need to be said i think the pictures will answer the questions.









looks like a decal if falling off , stupid setter crap >.>;


by pufferfiz | 2007-06-11 13:35 | Gundam Model