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Allen Walker: Back Hair

Time for the back hair!

I know this process is strange but the other parts are almost done too just not ready for a post.

ok anyways
Again another giant bubble on the top. So filled in that

sanded that down

Got the white primer out and sprayed that white.

then back to using the base hair color.

Then sprayed secondary color sprayed on the bottom of the strands and on the back of the strands.

all for now!
by pufferfiz | 2009-10-02 10:07 | Figure Model

Allen Walker: Front hair

Ok don't mind the weird ordering of this wip so I only post when that part is finished.

Anyways sorry it took so long to start this. After spending a year and a half crafting it. The thought of doing that again to paint it made me want to gag so I delayed it and started working on another project. well that project is at a resting place so going to set that down and work on this for a little and then pick the other one back up and finish it.

ok start!

First post will be about the front head piece.

First off I removed all the flash and gates. And sanded those areas down.
Primed it to check for defaults. There was also a large bubble at the top of the head so I filled that in with putty. Now I am using rejected parts from the casting prosess so ones purchased will not be this bad.

This one had a few air bubbles so I patched those up with superglue and plastic bits that I pointed inside the holes.

then cut those down and sanded

Sanded the surface then painted white over it.

Mixed up the primary hair color with black and white paint


then I made the secondary color, Added purple to it as well as more black, this will be sprayed on the bottoms of the hair pieces and then fade up.


Finished! all that is left is flat coat. But that can wait till I put some other parts ready for that step.
by pufferfiz | 2009-09-28 09:27 | Figure Model

Chibi Allen Walker Resin Figure Kit






*Image drawn by Suntail-san( www.moaibu.com)*

I am proud to introduce my first ever figure kit!
This has been a secret project of mine that I have been working on for almost a year and a half. So I am Very Excited to finally be able to introduce this kit to the public. I am also Happy to announce this kit will be available to purchase! That is right the first ever Pufferfiz Original kit!

Pieces: 10, plus one decal.
Height: 4"3/4 inches
Resin used: Smooth Cast 321 (off white)
Instructions Provided
by pufferfiz | 2009-09-08 03:10 | Figure Model

1/6 Volks Hibachi Original WIP5

ok well after the screw up of the purple tattoo
i decided to go out on a quest to find plastic safe paint stripper(yes this is resin and yes i could have use hardware stuff but i wanted something i could use on plastic later when i needed to)
so i found this
its called Chameloeon Paint stripper and it was made for stripping toys and such.
but its completely safe on plastic and will get rid of lacquer paint!
but i got all the paint off
so now its back to bare resin.
tomorrow ill put a clear primer on then paint it all white (bypassing the mrsurfacer white as when ever i use it it pulls off >.>;)

Tutorial on how to strip paint with Chameleon.
first get a bottle of the stuff at
like so

get a container and pour it out.
get your piece and say good bye to the crapy job you did.

place it in the container.
let sit!
im not sure exactly how long. the stuff is not instant though you can start to rub it off as soon you put it in.
so idk 30min to few hours.
then take a soft/medium brush and start scrubbing.
here is a piece almost right after i picked it up.

now it might take more than one bath!
this part is complicated so there was still crud in the cracks
so im giving it another bath right now.
now chameleon has a "gel" formula for complicated stuff like this. that might have been better but i wanted something more diverse so i got the liquid type.
now you can reuse the stuff.
but there is crud in it!
so i got 2 coffee filters and put them in a jar and slowly poured it in the jar.

now i managed to save about 95%or more of the stuff so it can be used again and again with out buying more each time.

now this stuff maybe just glorified paint thinner but it sure works
try it!

here is the parts now.

by pufferfiz | 2008-07-07 14:42 | Figure Model

1/6 Volks Hibachi Original WIP4

ok well i get home and i find at my door. a R10 order!

well the sun was going down fast so i got to at least mix up my skin tone.
the Gaia skin is nice but to pink. (go figure) so i added a few drops of yellow to it. ( in a smaller bottle)
then i got out my white and realized i have like 1/3 of it left. sigh i can NEVER buy the right thing....
well i was still able to use it. so i got my 2 skin tones and a shadower.
well next morning woke up eat then i got my stuff and went out side.
wow F me in the butt its hot!
after 10 mins i was sweating like crazy so i had to go in.
but i got the shadow done.
then after a few hours i went back out( the sun didnt hit me thank God)
but after a few parts i realized i didnt take a pic of it!
so i ran down stairs got the camera then ran back up and took a pic.
and it was really blurry
well hopefully you can see what i did.

then after the "Light" flesh that i made.

it looks weird now since the purple strips are not done.

From this point on pictures containing full/partial nudity will in the link below.
only click if you understand this is art and mature enough to see it that way.

by pufferfiz | 2008-06-10 14:26 | Figure Model

1/6 Volks Hibachi Original WIP4

hey well im up on this kit again!

so everythings good i think.

here im doing this trick.
since the parts are like such you cant clip them on the clips.
so i glued a small tube at a better location.

then i primed all the pieces with 1200 surfacer.

sanded it down then aplyed White surfacer. and that stuff is really hard to get thinned right!
then after a few mishaps and repriming i come to this.
not all the pieces have the same shade of white!
so my question is will it affect the skin tone?
since ill be using a somewhat clear method of doing the skin.


its slight but i can tell!

ok well im just waiting for my Gaia Flesh to come in.
by pufferfiz | 2008-06-05 11:39 | Figure Model

Monster Hunter Rathian Armor Girl

OK well i finial finished this!

Well it took me a month and a half to paint and some odd days for assembly.
over all im rreally pleased with this kit.
but this kit made me not want to use acrylics >.>;
sigh well id better stock up on lacquers then!
o and this is not 100 compleat
as you can see im missing the string!
>.<; i didnt have anything in house so i have to my hobby store ( which is now far away since the one near me had to close down)
and i might add more stuff on the base too.

ok well here we go!









on to my serpent!
by pufferfiz | 2008-04-16 12:01 | Figure Model

Make your own Stirring Stick

OK well i got tired of using those bamboo sticks to mix paint. and i didnt want to spend a lot from testors at my LHS.
so i thought to myself i can just make one!
but how?
well i figured it out.
ok this is what you need:
1 1/16 wire ( cut to desired length)
1 hammer
1 unbreakable flat surface ( i used a rock from the backyard :P )

ok after you cut your wire, hold in on the surface. now take the hammer and strike the end , your going to have to do this a few times tell its flat.
be careful the hammer has lots of force so be careful that you dont break the surface your using.

wow why didnt i do this sooner its great!
here is my result(lol already in so much use):

by pufferfiz | 2008-03-14 08:21 | Figure Model

1/6 Volks Hibachi Original WIP3

OK wel while i was waiting for my glue to dry on my project that was due tomorrow and did all day today. i worked on this kit.

so i pinned everything now
minus the small parts.

first pin i did i screwed up and it poped out >.<;

well it will be a easy fix.
but what do you sudgest that this will never happen again?

then i tested out the chains.
they were recived closed to i have to cut the end link then pry it apart.

so here it is when both are attached.

after pinning there is gona be some small gaps i want to fill.
its possible i might not of pinned them so snug, this is the first time using that stiff brass bar ( i used to use the soft metal wire).

well only forward!
gona go the the store tomorrow to get some suppies in stuff, i think ill pick up a base to put this on!
by pufferfiz | 2008-02-29 19:00 | Figure Model

1/6 Volks Hibachi Original WIP2

ok well i sanded down all the parts.

so the next step will be wash and pinning.
but for now here are pictures so far.

here are some problems im gona have to work on.

i want the top to come on and off and not be glues but theres no way to stick in a magnic in it.
so any tips guys or not?

and here im gona have to bend it alittle to make it fit better. its not to bad but i want to bent it just a little.

ok so ima be bussy this week but ill try and get those things done this week
by pufferfiz | 2008-02-27 13:44 | Figure Model