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july oil painting WIP 4

ok well after the big hal to finish the rick i havent worked on the painting , but i did sometoday.

ok so i started the flowers , they are bluebonnets.
so first i did a mix of a blue violet color for the base.

after that i mixed some white into it to make a light blue for a top of the pedals.

next i add some off white to the top , becuase thats whats on the flower.

next add some lighter green on the bas of the flowers to make them stan out and give more texure to the land.

well ill let that dry and go form there , will do the trees next , let that dry then the leaves , and then some detailing at it will be done.
stay toned!
by pufferfiz | 2007-08-03 08:46 | Oil Paintings

july oil painting WIP 3

ok small update

did the mountians , just used a light gray-green color. and i did have more progression pictures but they were WAY to blury and this one aint all better , i need a tripod. anywas here it is so far.

by pufferfiz | 2007-07-26 10:21 | Oil Paintings

july oil painting WIP 2

ok small update of what i did last night

i painted a thin layer over the sky , giving it more blue tint to it.

then i started on the grass, i just lay down a layer of sap green + some yellow orchid.

plain yes! now i go in a do texture , i just use my fan brush and jab on some paint that is more yellow to the grass mix base. then i come in and use brown to make shading.

i will go in and add more things , but not in this layer.
by pufferfiz | 2007-07-20 07:46 | Oil Paintings

july oil painting WIP 1

ok since i got some professinal frames ( for free cuse he liked me and my work and my dad has him do all of his framing needs , he collects art ) . so since i havent painted in awhile i thought well this would be a swell opertunity. then i though , hey why dont i just do a wip?!. ok! heh ok here we go!

mm fredrix canves!

and here is the frame that i got:

ok so i sketched it out and came up with this , took some ideas from http://www.thecormanycollection.com/Piecesites/YellowFlowers.html
that is my dads art collection website^


so now i grid it all out , and i aswell grid it on the photoshop image.

i then sketch it out on the canves, this is where i think of how to layer the painting , and here is its gona go, sky+water < mountains + land < trees < flowers

i put down a yellow ochre wash , it will help contrast the colors with bare canves.


now is the sky , i just mix up some white with a dash of blue and yellow.

this is the color of the base of the river , i did not take a pic of it when it was on the canves but you can see it.

and here is the river , it is not done , after a few days ima go back and add some rocks and some more spalshes .


ok that is it so far , hope you enjoy seeing these progression pictures.
by pufferfiz | 2007-07-16 09:15 | Oil Paintings

Autumn Creek


Autumn Creek
Oil on Canves
March 10, 2007

Autumn creek , shity name , idk i couldnt think of anything!
:<. i really like this , and i worked very hard on it . thats why it took like a month! but its finaly done , dont you like the colors?! there wonderful. i love the colors i used .

will be on art.com soon
by pufferfiz | 2007-03-12 04:30 | Oil Paintings

Winter Tree


Winter Tree
8" X 10"
Oil on Canvas
December 29, 2006

Tree with snow
i like this painting very much. it is yellowish becuse i used a yellow acrillic paint to prime that back , it contrastes the color better if white is not painted on white

painting will be on profile soon
by pufferfiz | 2007-01-03 10:07 | Oil Paintings

Gregory Lake


Gregory Lake
9" X 12"
Oil On Canves
December 7 ,2006

i really like it

at first , while i was doign ti , i didn , but after awhile , when i came back , i really though it was the best iv ever done ! lol
only problem i have is that teh shadows dont match up that great, the sun is at its far back , so teh shadows were enlongated , but idk they dont match :<

well im going to setting it up today, and have it posted on art.com ( must be approved but still) see it soon , and order prints lol!
by pufferfiz | 2006-12-10 03:34 | Oil Paintings

The Prairie


The Prairie
Oil on canves
12"X 16"
November 5 , 2006

remeber remeber the 5th of november , O SHIT :O
ok i thought i did good on the sky,
and i liked how i broke up the land to smaller brush strokes
idk about that tree in the middle , i mean it is a blob , cuse its far away so it looks liek a blob in the refrence photo , but meh , if you thik i shoudl change soemthign on that tree i will , but tell em cuse im leaving it how it is now . and this si a shity photo im sorry , just hard to do since the sun sets early in arizona , so i dont have any light to work with

by pufferfiz | 2006-11-06 09:14 | Oil Paintings

Lake in Dusk; final


Lake in Dusk
Oil on Canves board
8" X 10"
October 25 2006

this si a way diffrent palet than before , darker colors :O
thought i screwed up the lake , cuse i dont think its looks like it is water
and the picture i took is really bad , sorry about that , i tried to edit the pic to brighten up the colors but i didnt want you to think it was docerd >.<;
and the purple stuff is fog btw
well that is the last of the 8"10" treio , now i bought a much bigger one i want to do a sky peice

well as alwas tell me what you think and if you woul buy it (thinkinbg about selling)
by pufferfiz | 2006-10-27 08:53 | Oil Paintings

Winter Creek ; Final


Winter Creek
Oil on Canves Board
October 24, 2006

ok had spme difficluties on the tress cuse they were so many of them in my resorce picture , but it worked out i think. its a little messy i think , so thats bothering me but overall i think i did ok , and i didnt put shadows in the creek becue the light was not hitting that way , but maby i should have made small ones maby , well as all was i want your opinions , thanks~
by pufferfiz | 2006-10-25 05:25 | Oil Paintings