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RobotSwarm Gun

Some Friends of mine are making a "Arcade" Game where you use a gun with a IR blaster to shoot stuff on the screen and targets that are around the screen. I Offered to paint the gun and the robots(targets).
It is a modified nerf gun that has been hollowed out to allow for electronics.
I started with a black and silver base then added color with enamel and acrylic. Then I scrapped off some of the color to make it look beat up. Came out well and the creators really liked it.


by Pufferfiz | 2013-06-08 14:22

Pufferfiz.net Softlaunch

OK well Just bought my own site. Going to use the main site for more of a personal portfolio so to speak. But as one of my strengths is that I am an entrepreneur. So I am going to start my own web store.

Click Here to enter

Now I know I do not have any products right now, But I want to soft launch the store with just the allen kit. In promotion for the soft launch I am giving you guys a coupon for 30% off. So that makes the allen kit only 30bucks(plus shipping). The coupon last till the 20th, just in time to buy one for xmas. Now if allen is not your think. Please sign up anyways since then you will receive my newsletter. So you can be the first to know when I start adding stuff in. Also SPREAD THE WORD. This is all the income I have at the moment so you could at least do my that favor of telling others. And on other items, I have finals coming up so after those are done I will get cracking on adding stuff.
Coupon code: softlaunch

Also if you notice any problems tell me. Still trying to get the hang of this software.
by pufferfiz | 2009-12-04 11:27

Magic Sculpt Review

Ok, Some people have been asking what I use to make my figures. Well since I had to buy more last week thought it would be good time to write down my thoughts. Magic Sculpt is a two part epoxy putty. Is Manufactured by Wesco Enterprises, and can be bought from their distributors. There is not much of a difference between different epoxy putties. But I will list some features this one has. Can be smoothed with water. This is really nice, as even though I sculpt into the putty later, It is always good to have a smooth surface or a correct surface before sculpting, it just saves me time and energy. You can edit the properties by mixing in more hardener or more resin parts. I Like to keep it even, which I feel is soft enough to cut but strong enough not to break apart. I have found that you can color the putty by adding in some oil paint. I find this use full as the original gray is sometimes hard to see defects. With added color these spots are highlighted better. The real selling point for me is the fact that they sell the stuff in large quantities. You can still buy small tubs, But they do offer up to a 5pound kit. For me I buy 16oz kits at a time, I find they last me months on end. That way the putty is fresh and I don't have a huge tub of the stuff in my closet that I would not finish for years.

Here is the kit I buy, Contains equal portions of each. From the store I buy, It is 15$ for this kit.

by pufferfiz | 2009-12-01 09:06

Now with tags!

Well I am an idiot and never noticed you can add tags to your posts. :|
so I am going to go back and get most of the posts and tag them.
by pufferfiz | 2009-11-25 16:01

Allen Walker: the Rest

OK I finished this thing. Came out great. Will have nice photos tomorrow of it overall since it is dark out.

Got a base so going to pin the legs to it.
First I marked spots on the feet.

then traced the feet on the wood.

Then I drilled in to the legs and the wood. and placed pins in the legs. and fitted them into the wood.

ok so there was a bubble on the body so took care of that.

filled then sanded everything down and primed.

the sprayed everything down with white primer.

Then handed painted the black stripes on the coat.

did the same thing with the feet and masked out the indintations.
then prayed on the black.

I think sprayed on some gloss and did the panel lines,


Then I got out the star, My apolisge on that, It was really hard to cast so those might not always come out right. I try though.
Anyways painted that white.

then put it on the body

ok so that is it! Tune in tomorrow for the full shots.
by pufferfiz | 2009-10-21 12:59



wow last night was crazy.

went to go see August Burns Red/blessthefall/Enter Shikari
so yeah it was awsome.except the first band was a no show so they made use all wait outside till the time that would be used for them to play passed. And the line was so slow! I prebought my tickets I should be able to get in before the people that just came in with money. So by the time I got in I missed the first whole band. Luckily ABR/bless/ES ... Read Morehad not played yet so I... Read More still was able to see them. Enter Shikari was great. And blessthefall was crazy.

Tried to take my phone out to get a photo but was not able to keep my hand steady so this is the only good one. I was also afraid it would be knocked out of my hand so I put it away. August was great as well though at the end I got to hot and I felt like I was going to pass out so I bailed to the back to get some water. Goodthing I did for I was able to meat Beau (Lead signer of blessthefall) and we had a nice talk about the new record and the show. Anyways it was great.

Nothing else really, just been packing for the move.

by pufferfiz | 2009-07-28 15:44



um just been chilling.

Got one of my shirts today..

SHIT is soooo fucking cool.
love it.

and the small size fits fine.

Went out to see the Proposal. was a really funny movie.

ug but need some sleep.

by pufferfiz | 2009-07-24 15:55



um nothing really much to report.

Bought some shirts online, can't wait for them to come in. Did something different. Got a size small. Felt like the mediums I have been buying recently have been to large or feel that way on me.

am going to the blessthefall concert. have not bought the ticket. but I will and I am going.

College is still one big fucking mess. Though Hopefully soon have all my classes filled out.

yep ok well

by pufferfiz | 2009-07-23 16:37



wow have not wrote in such a long time.

I don't know just didn't feel like writing. just wanted to go to bed and wake up.

yeah nothign really exciting to report.

been playing games, went on trips. hung out.

Want to go to the a blessthefall concert on the 26th. got to buy my ticket.

Oh got my bank account set up and a got a credit card, so can't wait to start to get into debt! just kidding I will pay my bills on time! I swear!

ok see you later

by pufferfiz | 2009-07-20 15:26



well I got nothing.

really I have been chilling.
only time I have stepped out of the house is to pick up my sis and I did not even where shoes..


well just been playing Dynasty warriors, beat another campaign so got 3 more to go.

so still enjoying that game.

OK well I am going to sleep.

by pufferfiz | 2009-07-04 17:43