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HoiHoi Bazooka Kit Sculpt 2

Ok actually have this thing started. Still on track for a before newyear launch so working away. Have the blast shield up. Simplified it some what, Still not sure what to do on the back ( the part facing her) and I have decided to peg it to the bazook to make it removable if people do not wish to have it on. Speaking of bazooka, the actual bazooka part WILL be filled in. Casting it hollow would be quite a pain as well as require multiple parts that you would have to glue together, increasing the likelihood of it not being round. The end part is also giving me trouble as I am not sure I can cast it the why it was designed, I thought I had it right, But the more I think about it the more I go from it will work to it won't work I need to change it. So more work up ahead. The grip and trigger is done, Might ad more to the trigger to make it pop out more, But will wait on that till have the thing more assembled. But it fits in her hand so that is the important part.
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by pufferfiz | 2009-12-22 10:20 | Figure Model