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HoiHoi Bazooka Kit Sculpt 1

Well you didn't think that survey was for nothing did you? Silly :3
Well thanks to your votes I see what option is the most popular. Was close so don't expect this to be the last kit. I went with the bazooka as the first option kit. Now here is the problem, I was stupid and didn't order my HoiHoi kit till now, so now I have to deal with holiday shipping. Don't worry I still expect to have this out by the end of dec. But I won't be able to get started till next week. In the mean time I made some renders of my idea. These are rough so things can change. But since I am only going off of my head, I thought I was a good idea to make something in a 3d space.
I also opened up the product page on my shop
Which I suggest clicking the notify by email button so you will get an email when I am ready to send them out. If you check your email more than you do these threads.

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by pufferfiz | 2009-12-13 17:45 | Figure Model