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Hatsune Miku: Sculpt WIP 7

Ok back hair is pretty finished. Curved down the part in the middle. I think I might add some horizontal lines on the part, to show separation but not sure. Made her hair ties. Just took styrene strips and glued them together. I did ,before glue, add lines on the strips so that when it comes to paint the pink stripe on them it would be easier. Then I made a cut into the back piece so that they can be placed on the head, and giving the illusion as they are floating. Drilled holes in the middle where the pigtails will go. Used tube to make a clean fit, as well as the pigtails being able to be adjusted slightly. Then got started on the actual pigtails. Just in rough form since I have to build up the putty.


by pufferfiz | 2009-12-01 08:56 | Figure Model