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Allen Walker: The face Part one

Promised a face update today. But forgot I did the eyes in acrylic so going to wait till morning before I spray lacquer over it.

Anyways here we go!

Cast is nice, No defect or bubbles on the front side.

But on the side, that is a different story.

Doh! Didn't have the mold positioned right so got a large gap. No worries Putty to the rescue!

Primed to make sure it was ok

Was good for me so I sanded the rest down

Then sprayed white primer over it.

To ensure that the whites of the eyes will be WHITE I masked them off before I lay down the skintone.
First I placed tape over the face and traced the eyes with a pencil.

Then got a FRESH blade for my knife and cut along the pencil marks.

Then the masking tape is removed.

I then layed down the first layer of skin tone. This is my own custom mix. Which does not say a lot because I just made it one night when I felt I needed to make a jar or skin tone.
Layer A is shadows.

Then a lighter layer B is sprayed all over. This portion is part clear so layer A becomes darker and the piece more defined. though with it being gloss it is hard to tell.

Allen's scar is then placed. This is tricky since it is a whole piece of decal. Place the decal in water for 20-30 seconds then take it out and place the paper on the face, then slide the decal off while you pull the paper down. Position it. Then place decal set on it so It can conform to the shape of the face.

Then the portion over the eye is cut off

I then clear coat gloss over it (lacquer)

Next I mix up the mouth color with white enamel and red and yellow oil paint.

Then with this brand new 0/5 brush I bought(really nice, should have bought one earlier)

Anyways with that I place the paint in the mouth and wipe off any excess with mineral spirits

Next I do the eyebrow. Be careful with this as putting tape over the decal can rip it off if the decal was not set flat.

Then the tape is removed.

Touched them up a little but came out good.

Ok part 2 will be tomorrow.
by pufferfiz | 2009-10-06 13:02 | Figure Model