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Bf109E-4/7 TROP

well i finished my second scale kit!
not to bad of a build not to many problems.
so i finished the inside first. the little guy gave me trouble for his face was really under detailed so i couldnt get the paint right. but from the pick you can see it didnt really matter anyways for the plastic is blurry anyways.
from there it was standard. i got to the camo and scratched my head for a while to really figure out the best way to do it. i ended up just hand painting it for i thought it was to complicated and organic for airbrushing. came out ok i think. some of the "spots" are to small maybe but i like the overall look. while i was painting i had the propeller on a toothpick and when i was ABing it i found that it spun around. and since the peg broke on the plane i thought it was cool so i replaced it. so now i think it spins better this way.
and for the photo i took my AB inside and with jus the hose i sprayed the plane. i did make a little video just to see it moving and not stills but ill see if i can upload it to dads webspace.




by pufferfiz | 2008-09-07 16:09 | Scale Model