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1/6 Volks Hibachi Original WIP4

ok well i get home and i find at my door. a R10 order!

well the sun was going down fast so i got to at least mix up my skin tone.
the Gaia skin is nice but to pink. (go figure) so i added a few drops of yellow to it. ( in a smaller bottle)
then i got out my white and realized i have like 1/3 of it left. sigh i can NEVER buy the right thing....
well i was still able to use it. so i got my 2 skin tones and a shadower.
well next morning woke up eat then i got my stuff and went out side.
wow F me in the butt its hot!
after 10 mins i was sweating like crazy so i had to go in.
but i got the shadow done.
then after a few hours i went back out( the sun didnt hit me thank God)
but after a few parts i realized i didnt take a pic of it!
so i ran down stairs got the camera then ran back up and took a pic.
and it was really blurry
well hopefully you can see what i did.

then after the "Light" flesh that i made.

it looks weird now since the purple strips are not done.

From this point on pictures containing full/partial nudity will in the link below.
only click if you understand this is art and mature enough to see it that way.

then i made a quick mock up of the main parts.

now im just waiting for my next R10 order to come in ( i still forgot white!)
by pufferfiz | 2008-06-10 14:26 | Figure Model