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1/6 Volks Hibachi Original WIP4

hey well im up on this kit again!

so everythings good i think.

here im doing this trick.
since the parts are like such you cant clip them on the clips.
so i glued a small tube at a better location.

then i primed all the pieces with 1200 surfacer.

sanded it down then aplyed White surfacer. and that stuff is really hard to get thinned right!
then after a few mishaps and repriming i come to this.
not all the pieces have the same shade of white!
so my question is will it affect the skin tone?
since ill be using a somewhat clear method of doing the skin.


its slight but i can tell!

ok well im just waiting for my Gaia Flesh to come in.
by pufferfiz | 2008-06-05 11:39 | Figure Model