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Make your own Stirring Stick

OK well i got tired of using those bamboo sticks to mix paint. and i didnt want to spend a lot from testors at my LHS.
so i thought to myself i can just make one!
but how?
well i figured it out.
ok this is what you need:
1 1/16 wire ( cut to desired length)
1 hammer
1 unbreakable flat surface ( i used a rock from the backyard :P )

ok after you cut your wire, hold in on the surface. now take the hammer and strike the end , your going to have to do this a few times tell its flat.
be careful the hammer has lots of force so be careful that you dont break the surface your using.

wow why didnt i do this sooner its great!
here is my result(lol already in so much use):

by pufferfiz | 2008-03-14 08:21 | Figure Model