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1/6 Volks Hibachi Original WIP1

OK well i made the plundge into Original kits.
that means ill make less and cost more!
but the quality pays off.
and this is my fav serise so when i saw one of these on HLJ for only 80$ i had to jump on it!
not my fav sculpt though, wish i had the other ones.
but here you go
im going to work on this one uptell the painting stage when then im go work 100%(fig wise) on my monsterhunter chick cuse i want to finish that.

ok well here it is!


and i placed a few parts together to get a overall idea of how its gona be before i started to work.

i have done more work but noting much of Photo quality it will look the same since im only doing sanding right now.

but im happy i got this!
by pufferfiz | 2008-02-26 16:34 | Figure Model