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Serpent Custom WIP8

hey so i did some work.

just been doing work and work.
but only these photos today
so here is a partialy assembled kit on my new actionbases.
unfortunaly the thing it came with didnt work with my model.
so i had to think how i was going to get in on.
then i figured it out. the peg atachment. a polycap will fit on it.
ok i got that . but how am i going to get the polycap on the kit.
then i did it. i cut out a hole one the crotch. put some putty in there and put in the polycap. so i got that. then i drilled the right hole into the brown crotch armour. now it can sit on the actionbase!

ok well here yea go!

by pufferfiz | 2007-11-21 08:11 | Gundam Model