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1/6 Casual Saber

ok finaly after what 4 months i finished it ! airbrushed as usual and painted the eyes and chips by hand.this kit well was very nicly casted , and the build went smoothly. but as alwas painting it caused all the problems . had to paint then re paint the arms so they could be puttied together only to drop the damn thing and break the right arm off so now there is a line there anywas. i hd truble with the skin tone , like the legs are perfect but the face turned out to red , i did the same thing but why such a diffrence. lost the front ribbon so i had to make a new one so thats why it looks that bad >.>; . after doing the light brown i took the mask off and the paint was so liquidy that it when through the tape . so the middle part was all screwed up so i had to hand paint that . the hair turned out to pale , it looked good in the mixing cup! but on the model terrible! well i didnt want to redo it cuse i have other modles that i want to get done so i didnt want to worrie aboutthis one so much time to move on! the eyes screwed it all up! so i had to re do the right one 2 times to get it to look like the one on the left and in the proccess i some how swiped my brush across her face so i hade a large green line i was steamed ( and i ashmly broke a my plate at dinner cuse i was so mad . sniff fogive me mother! ) . the i used future to give it a shine , wow that stuff is cool! well here it is , please tell me your thouhgts , just dont say stuff that i already said up there .


by pufferfiz | 2007-09-21 09:15 | Figure Model