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Rick Dias "Black Comet" Quatro Ver

well its done . there were some misshapps but.. well this kit was the best to get through ( as in stuff didnt go wrong at the last min). well i picked out the kit , and i think the model looks really cool . i went with the Quatro version because i wanted the upgraded parts , though i had no intention on painting it red. for the paint i thought it would be cool to do black with a comet like blue shading and digi camo to top it off. well im really glad because im very prode of this kit , even though my airbrush doesnt really doe shading all that well im very pleased with the results. i also desided to paint the trusters magnesium , wow GET MOVE! really it looks soooo f... good.( there are trusters on the bottom of its feet skirt but you cant see those :< ) . i went bold and did something i dont think anyone has done. i put magnets in his feet. ok not strong magents ! strong yes but not like those super magnets and can never be prided off . the reson was that i was going to give this kit to my little borther as a gift , he really like gundams too , and so i but them in so that stay in a position no matter what ( the kit is to much weight for it to stick upsidedown though ). its not a play toy no , but he is goning to like it . i still do need to go to homedepo to get a slab of metal that will be the final touch but that is not important for you guys only for him. well i erally hope you enjoy looking at this because i spent a lot of time on this , though i would really like to hear your comments.







by pufferfiz | 2007-08-01 11:35 | Gundam Model