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1/100 Full Mechanical Barbatos Lupus Rex

Well the past 2 years have been kind to me, but not kind to my model hobby. It is quite depressing seeing the last model I completed was 2 years ago. But I am in a better state now and have a new fire to use my spare time in this fashion. Truth be told I actually finished a model in February, but it is a resin kit and I am having issues the glue not holding the weight very well. I hope to figure something out soon, the longer I wait the higher the chance that it will get damaged.

This model I selected for a contest at my local hobby shop. And I won! I am very excited about that and the learning I did to make it for completion on time. You always think 2 months is plenty of time to finish, but as the weeks go by and there is still no paint on plastic that optimism fades fast.

To be honest I have yet to watch the new Gundam show this is from. I hear a lot of good things about Iron Blooded Orphans but my time for tv especially anime where yo actually have to pay attention is pretty low. But I really liked the design it was very aggressive and I loved that. I also like the fact that even though this is not a MG kit that it has a inner frame, and a nice one to boot.

Everything went together very nicely, I didn't find any of the parts to have fitting issues and the frame did a excellent job in holding the part together.

My first gripe with the kit when I put it together was the pool for the spiky bat. It is all light weight plastic, but the plastic they used for that part was the same as the frame, A mix of rubbery plastic and hard plastic. It would sag almost immediately as I picked it up, and I was not going to have any of that. I found a good replacement with a copper tube, and it fit right into at least one of the already existing pegs. Now it is must stronger with out adding much to the weight. As you can see from the pictures he can still hold up the bat and I did nothing to the joints to tighten them up.

The other thing was although this thing is sharp and aggressive, the way they mold the plastic really looses a lot of that compared to the box art. I spent a lot of time sharpening up points on the kit that I felt needed it. Even in places I added in Pla-Plate to extent them even more, for example the bat has added material to extent those points. Now that did make it harder to handle I broke many a spikes through the whole process.

For the painting I wanted to stick to the standard theme. However I was really worried about the amount of pre-shading I would have to do to make it work. And yes every part is pre-shaded. In the end it came out almost perfect. The red is a disappointment in my honest opinion, it just came out way to bold not really the look I was going for. Also my airbrush needs a new needle, I should have got one before hand but I ran out of time, I think I blended everything well but the loss of the precision a sharp needle would give me was apparent. As well a few spots where my brush splattered.

For the painting I used all Mr Color and Gaia Notes Paints. Kit was done up in a very light grey primer.
Pre-shade -> Overlay Color
White: Light Grey -> White
Blue: Black -> Character Blue
Yellow: Orange -> Bright Yellow
Red: Russet -> Bright Red
Black: Off Black (Black Touch of White)
Bat: Black -> Grey+Mahogany
Eyes: Florescent Green
Frame: Grey

Panel lining is still something I struggle with. It may seem fine, but there were so many places that it just was not consistent and that is key. Some places the black just didn't flow into well, and other spots it got clumpy or didn't stick at all. I have ordered some chisels which I have wanted for a long time, and I think I will try and add a fine scratch to all the lines before hand I hope it turns out better.

The Green panels is Model Master's Florescent Green, love the way that came out.

I had a lot of fun adding in detail to the frame, used model masters brass and aluminum. It is sad however that so much is covered up.

Thankfully for me there were no decals or any other addons after paint. Decals would have been nice, but no one had any for this kit and I did like the decal-less look.

Over all I am very happy the way it turned out and It is going to be a shinning star in my collection.


by Pufferfiz | 2017-06-07 08:27 | Gundam Model