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Zvezda 1/35 BTR-80a WIP 1

Well I have been wanting to do a diorama for a while. And I found this kit on the internet so it was a good excuse to spread my wings on new things.

I was nervous when I opened the kit, and unfortunately it was a little beat up from the flight from russia. Some parts missing some parts ripped off their spru.

As I was building the kit I then discovered a lot of the parts just flat out didn't fit. Which is really frustrating. Not that I can't fix it, I can and did, but nothing having them fit makes me rethink If the part is on right. But in the end all I can say is the kit is unique and I like that, and the issues are really just the price to pay for having a unique kit.

I also got some afgan-russian war figures which I am going to use for the diorama.
So YES it is not historically accurate since the 80a model was not introduced till after the war was over. but I don't care, I feel it is close enough that only people that know their history will notice and they are usually pissed off about something anyways.


by Pufferfiz | 2012-10-11 05:16 | Scale Model