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SVMS-010 OverFlag Complete

Wow so I haven't done anything in over a year.
to be fair know that I live in the dorms it is hard to do this stuff.
but I broke down last weekend and got my model stuff out of storage(a flood ruined some stuff)
so yeah not the best work but something light to get me back into things.
all painted, used a semi gloss coat(took my glossy clear and added 2 drops of flat to it). decals where made by samualdecal.com
then used a blackish brownish wash for panel lines.

unfortunately I don't have a very good camera, just used one from the libary. If I can get something better I will post better pics.

also I can't seem to find the orange visor. I think I might know where it is but I have no way of looking at that place right now.




by Pufferfiz | 2011-04-21 14:49 | Gundam Model